Oh My God, How Did Driver Walk Away From BRUTAL 200MPH Camaro Drag Racing  Crash?

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Wowwww… this is one epic American muscle car crash! And, what makes this Chevy Camaro crash even more epic is the fact that the driver Nacho Bernal walks away unscathed despite crashing the Chevy Camaro at 200 miles per hour. The good news and the lesson for all of us is that if you are going to drag race, you need to make your car has all of the safety features and equipment it needs. Nacho Bernal did this with his QMP Racing Engines LSX463 1800-horsepower Twin Turbo Camaro SS drag racing beast, which is why he is okay.


That is sooo crazy. More crazyness in the next video below!