This Is How You Outrun Opponents In Nascar! Impressive Evasive Action!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Papyrus’ Nascar Racing may only be a virtual car racing simulation but despite of taking over the cars using the controllers and not the real life steering wheels, we cannot deny the fact that it was such a great game that will somehow give us some highly realistic racing experience. This game will also allow the players to exert their impressive car driving skills, drifting and of course evading and outrunning the opponents to win the game. This is exactly the same situation in this video. It was a NR2003 (Nascar Racing Season 2003) where the player is coming off the last turn at Darlington and had to take very evasive action to outrun his enemies and he managed to pull it off, resulting in such great raceing scene! Watch the impressive action of the player below.

Wait. What!? Check out the below video for more crazyness!